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2014 major world events

From Ebola outbreak to the airplane that is missing. From Ebola outbreaks to found planes, occasions happen across a diverse platform in the traveling, well-being, entertainment and lifestyle scenes. Predicated on my compilation, here are few occasions that shook the world and these are occasions the year 2014 will be recalled for. I am unsure if I’ve touched on all of them but at least these will be the remembered events. Feel free do any opinion in the comment section below in the event you believe that I have left out any other important event that should have been comprised.

To South Koreans, they’ll remember 2014 as the year of the sinking of MV Sewol. The Sewol ferry disaster is unlike other ordinary ferry calamities. First, most MV Sewol passengers were young secondary school pupils. It was crews in addition to the captain’s’ reaction to the sinking. Rather than assist his helpless passengers, the captain unbelievably instructed the afraid kids to keep still while he and his crew saved their own lives by escaping from the ill-fated sinking boat. This must be the worst behavior which may be expected out of a boat captain.

Winter 2014 has additionally been recorded as the coldest winter in several cities in USA. Cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and New York recorded their snowiest winters. A weather specialist suppose that that is one of the effects of global warming although I am not me. Experts predicted that such trend may continue for few years into the future while 2014 is going to be remembered as one of the chilliest years. I am unsure if this is going to be enough to convince the politicians that global warming risk is real and something ought to be done. I certainly expect they accept this as a truth of truth and certainly will come to their sanity. I expect all mankinds can come together and do something to save our planet.

Not every will remember when the global financial catastrophe happened in 2008, what petroleum price was. Back then, petroleum cost was in the range of $60 per barrel. The following years saw petroleum cost creeping up to $130 per barrel’s highest stage, much to the pain of many househould owners who saw their utility gasoline invoice doubling. Ultimately in 2014, the oil crisis happened and it drop back to the pre-2008 degree. Then all along I kept believing the reduced oil costs would be a terrific thing for typical men like me, simply to be perplexed on reading that such a low oil cost is rather a bad thing for the world market. At the conclusion of 2014, gasoline costs in several cities in the US had come down from its peak of $5 to less than $2. 2014 looked like the year that American vehicle owners will recall the most.

I am sure these will not be all the occasions that the year 2014 will be recalled for. That is something to be anticipated since the world be such a boring place if everyone of us see the planet through precisely the same lense. You might have your own interests and those interests will discover how we see an event’s siginficance.

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