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Forget Amazon. This beer brewery has started their delivery utilising the drones!

It could be here earlier than we originally expected. Yes, it is the use of commercial drones that we’re talking about.

When there is anybody who is most responsible in producing all of the hypes, it’ll be none other than Amazon and the team. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) was quick to respond following the Jeff Bezo’s introduction of using drones to resolve his last mile distribution bottleneck. Licenses for drone study have already been awarded to a total of 20 states.

A small beer brewery company, Lakemaid Beer, went one step further. They have really used an unmanned aircraft to dispatch their delivery orders. Its ads aired during the latest Super Bowl event clearly stood out of the rest and it gets everybody thrilled. The bad news is FAA is quick to react. The company was quickly given the order to stop such delivery. Some labelled it as being a smart PR move. Whatever it’s, I think they still deserve some credits.


What we are witnessing here might be the tip of the iceberg on what’s ahead. With sky as the limit, it’s only once this becomes a widespread reality that we can fully see its potential.

How I want my alcohol purchase was delivered on a drone. I will leave it to your imagination for now!

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