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My life story in brief

Everyone of us is passionate about many matters in life and the list of stuff that we can be obsessed about is not finite. Technology is something that I’m enthusiastic about. Let us pause for a moment and attempt to give it some thought. The rate of innovation that we’re seeing in the technology space is so fast that some individuals are just intimidated by it.

Try asking your dad or grandfather to modify a Word document or implement a filter to the photo which you’ve just taken using the phone camera. Don’t be surprised that such little tasks that we tend to take for granted can be seen as highly challenging. Some people refer to them as technology laggard. We may believe it is a hillarious dilemma now but flash yourself few decades down the road.

At the present, we are already seeing a generational transformation to the age of cloud computing and telephones from the era of desktop computing. The reference of cloud computing is enough to make many people feel giddy and you’d better make sure you do something about it, if you’re one of them. Otherwise, five years in the future, we will discover ourselves like a dinosaur in the brink of extinction.

One hot issue that is certainly making the headlines these days is wearable gadgets. It’s a technology that is still very much in its infancy period. First, we’ve got the Google glass. While I’ve read reviews of it and tried to envision the possibility, I still can’t figure out how the Google glass can be embraced for mainstream use. And then there’s the watch that is smart. We’re nowhere close to what the future holds in regards to smart watch, although we’ve seen few variant of smart watches being released.


Not too long ago, Jeff Bezo unveiled the challenging plan of using drone to solve the company’s last mile delivery bottleneck of Amazon. What follows shortly after is a skyrocketing excitement to use drone for civilian function. A jackpot struck when it decided to run its advertisements on the superbowl show. It’s not complex, if you wonder how that can be reached. The business made a video revealing the drone had been used to dispatch the business’s beer delivery order. Personally, I certainly adore that idea.


Though you may think I am a geek that is informed but the truth is, I ‘m not and I’m only a standard folk who has an obsession over technology stuffs and I love to write. I’m a self-proclaimed tech blogger and I hope from my blogging, I ‘ll not helping my readers, but keeping myself complete with the newest state of the art technology. I always welcome any chance that may appear. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you think there’s any potential synergy that can improve both our interests.